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Plainview Downtown Restoration

Restoring the Buildings and Businesses

of the Plainview Texas Historic Main Street District

We have recently seen the need to foster the creative and business talent living within the community, and desire to enable their dreams in the hopes they will remain in Plainview. Our vision is to provide the resources they need via local private and public sources for capital, mentoring, and work space. Our thought is that support of local talent will create a catalyst for redevelopment of the Downtown Historic District. Listed within our website are opportunities for careers as we see are needed for the environment we envision for the District, but additional ideas are certainly welcomed. Those in the community who wish to aid this endeavor are needed and we would greatly appreciate knowing of your interest. We have acquired non-profit status, and welcome your gifts of time, talent, artifacts, property and money.

Blair and Gayle Willson

Why Restoration?

Plainview has such a rich history, as proven by the stories told by those in the community who recall their own lives. Much is recorded in books, but restoring the historic buildings adds to the evidence that we are significant and care about our heritage as lived by our ancestors.